Reflector Refurbishment

Outstanding light values will only be achieved by technically flawless reflectors.

We offer: Reflector Refurbishment Solutions

Used reflectors will be revised by decoating and reflection and reach the value of new ones.
Depending on the reflector condition, this procedure is possible without any time limit and will save enormous costs for the customer.

Diverse Belastungen greifen die Überfläche des Reflektors an und führen dazu, dass er seine Eigenschaften verliert. Das Ergebniss sind schlechte Werte bei der Lichtmessung.

Used Reflector

Refurbished Reflector

In addition to our high quality requirements, we focus on precise adherence to deadlines, efficiency and flexibility.

Thanks to this special refurbishment concept, our customers can save enormous costs.

If you want to convince yourself of our services:

We will revise your “old/used” filters FOR FREE!
We also would be delighted to meet you at your place to demonstrate our samples – just comfortable and non-binding.

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