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AIRGLASS offers tailor-made solutions with proven and innovative products and systems for airfield firing for civil and military airfields, obstacle lighting and lighting for helicopter landing sites.

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With more than 20 years of experience in airport lighting, AIRGLASS is one of the largest refurbisher of Airlight products in Germany. With a comprehensive range of products and spare parts for Siemens, ERNI, ABD and Thorn, AIRGLASS is the starting point for all your needs.

Our portfolio includes consultancy, supply and installation, maintenance, repair and sanitization as well as spare parts supply and is cross-manufacturer-wide.

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Siemens Unterflurfeuer
Siemens Überflurfeuer


ADB Unterflurfeuer
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ERNI Unterflurfeuer
ERNI Überflurfeuer


THORN Unterflurfeuer
THORN Überflurfeuer


IDMAN Unterflurfeuer
IDMANN Überflurfeuer

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